Ann Malin (age 24) was employed as a cook on board the ship Horizon and also for the teamsters of the Hunt Wagon Company after reaching America. After a time, the food was nearly exhausted. The men cut the rawhide strips from the rims of the wagon wheels and they were boiled to make soup. Ann said that as she handed the men their small rations, and saw their suffering from hunger, she prayed to the Lord to take away her appetite so she might give her rations to relieve the suffering of others. She testified that her prayers were answered. For a period of time she gave away her food but was never hungry.

After rescuers from Salt Lake City came to help the immigrants, Ann was chosen to go with the ambulance wagons to nurse and care for the sick children. Ann remained at her post of duty with these little ones until arrangements for their care were made by the Church. One little orphaned Danish girl, Maren Johansen, had the flesh of her feet literally fall off as the wagon jolted along.

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