Not long after the release of American Prophet, author Jeffrey S. O’Driscoll asked me to paint a similar portrait of Hyrum as a cover for his book, Hyrum Smith: A Life of Integrity. I used the same basic method to paint this portrait and matched it to the Joseph portrait. Once again, written descriptions of physical characteristics and of Hyrum’s personality, along with the invaluable cast of the death mask, helped give this painting the feeling I hoped to achieve. The initial painting, though, didn’t look quite right. Elder M. Russell Ballard gave a lot of input on these portraits as a family representative of Joseph and Hyrum. I was told that the problem with Hyrum was that his nose was crooked. I looked at the paining and noticed that it was off balance. I had painted the portrait from the mask, and Hyrum had been shot in the face, the ball entering on the left side of his nose. I didn’t realize it at first, but the swelling from the wound affected the shape of his nose on the death mask, and I painted it as it appeared. I corrected that feature and the painting was approved.

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