A member of the Primary General Presidency visited the members of the Church in Africa. Following her trip, she felt that the Church needed a depiction of Christ with children those members could relate to. The church commissioned the painting and I used my son, a friend from his soccer team, one of his classmates, and a ward member to pose for this painting.

One of the girls said she still remembers posing for the painting, and that ever as a very young girl, it was a spiritual experience. The other girl says she has felt closer to Christ, and has realized what a unique experience it has been — one that not many people have ever experienced. She says she is in awe realizing that the painting is known worldwide, sending out the message that Christ lives. She says no one believes that it is really her in the painting.

Not long after I finished the painting, my family came with me to meet with a member of the General Primary. There in the lobby hung a copy of the painting, and right under the painting was a couch where my son, who had modeled for the painting, was sitting patiently — hoping that somebody would notice that he was the boy in the picture

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